Readers to writers

Our magazine is fortunate to benefit from a wide range of writers; just in this issue we have articles written by a baker, a gardener (or three!) and several historians.  Maybe none of these would have called themselves writers but they have chosen a personal interest and written about it for the rest of us.  Now there are two more opportunities for potential writers to get involved, because in our next couple of issues we will be including articles on:

A grand day out: There are so many places that we enjoy within easy reach of the Wychwoods but not everyone knows about them so it’s time to share the good news.  Just choose a favourite place for a day trip and describe in around 450 words why this venue makes such a good day out; an accompanying photo is always appreciated.

A memorable teacher:  Everyone went to school and school days are reputed to be the best days in our life.  Your school memories will ring a bell with every other reader, wherever they come from, as we all have parallel experiences.  So pick a teacher who stands out in your memory and describe what made them so memorable, for better or for worse!  Again, 450 words would be ideal.

Your writing is what makes our magazine so readable; thank you for dusting down your pens or your keyboard for the benefit of all.

February – March 2022