“Are you ready? Quick, waddle!”

As part of their topic ‘Where are the coldest places on Earth?’ the Foundation Stage children at Wychwood school have been learning about animals that live in the Arctic and the Antarctic.  One of the favourite animals they learnt about were penguins.  Our school prides itself on its charity work and the children decided to take part in Marie Curie’s ‘Penguin Parade’.  If you have ever watched the David Attenborough programmes about penguins on their long journeys across the ice, the children and staff ‘waddling’ around the school field like penguins showed similar signs of the struggles faced.  Children came dressed as penguins and wellington boots were needed. The first lap was met with great enthusiasm, but on the second lap the legs tired, the arms flapped less. With a little encouragement, they all succeeded. With sponsorship money raised by the children impressing their family with the facts they had learnt about the penguins we were able to make a donation of £246 to the charity.

Our Eco-Council have been very busy doing an audit of the school as their work continues towards the Eco-Flag award, which we hope to achieve by the end of the school year.  This year they are focussing on three key areas:

  • Biodiversity – where we’ll be building on the work we did last year to increase areas of biodiversity at school, including work on our wild flower area.
  • Waste – a new area for this year, where we’ll be looking at how we can reduce the waste we produce at home and at school. Look out for news of a Kids’ Clothes Swap in the New Year.
  • Litter – again, we’ll build on the work we did last year to look after our school grounds with our crack squad of class litter teams!

Sadly, at the end of term we said goodbye to Mrs Ford who has worked at the school as a teaching assistant for the past 16 years. In that time, she has worked with children in all age groups throughout the school, supported children with special needs, been on residential visits and on school trips.  When asked what she would miss most about working at the school she said, “the children”. She brought smiles and joy to so many children here and I know she will be missed by the Wychwood Community. We wish her a fond farewell and all the best in the future.

Our support of the charity Thrive continues throughout the year as we collect postage stamps for them.  If you are able to save stamps for us there is a collection box in the front entrance.  If you know a child that attends the school I am sure they would be happy to bring them in for you.

Julie Hemming

February – March 2022