Plane crash at Shipton

Apart from a stick of bombs dropped across Ascott during the Second World War, it would seem, from the record, that you had more chance of injury from one of our own aircraft coming from or returning to the training air base at Rissington than ever you had from the hands of the Luftwaffe.

We have already mentioned in an earlier issue of the Wychwood Magazine (November/December 2019), the crash of a Wellington bomber on the edge of Milton in 1942 where local lad, Ron Dale, managed to save one of the crew.

Just before the start of the war, in late 1938, there had been another incident of an aircraft failing to get back to Rissington and crashing about 60 yards from Shipton station. This was an Avro Anson Mk 1 which came down with the loss of its two crew. The two officers in the crew were Pilot Officer John Mason and Pilot Officer Roderick James of the No 6 Flying Training School. P/O Mason had been piloting the aircraft.

The crash was witnessed by Ian Mathews of the Mathews milling family who lived near the site of the crash on the A361. He wanted to investigate but was prevented by his parents.

Alan Vickers

February – March 2022