It’s a small world

Michael, a close friend who has lived all his life in Kent, recently attended an Old Boys` lunch at his senior school, Dartford Technical School for Boys. Michael had attended the school in the late 50s and early 60s.

Two people had travelled to the reunion from Oxfordshire. One was the geography teacher known to Michael as Ben Cartwright. He was so-called because the television series ‘Bonanza’ was popular at the time and one of the characters was a Ben Cartwright.  Michael learnt that Mr Cartwright (real name Philip) left Kent for a new job at Burford Grammar School in the 60s.

We spoke to our son and daughter who attended the school in the mid 80s and by coincidence he taught our son Ian who remembers him well as a good teacher. We think he is remembered by many ex-pupils and staff members. It is a small world and one never knows who we may bump into just around the corner.

Christine Halliday

Editor’s footnote: As a further feature of this small world, I had the pleasure of singing in the same choir as Pip Cartwright for several years. We made a strong and generally tuneful addition to the basses.

If any reader has had similar ‘small world’ experiences related to the Wychwoods and would be interested in recording the fact in the pages of our magazine, please contact me.

February – March 2022