A year in the life of Milton parish council

As usual, lots of small things have been going on behind the scenes but we started 2021 with the final stages of St Jude’s building program, their tidying up regime and the final stages to the repair of our church wall. Both of these projects had been ongoing for several years and it was good to see that the end was in sight.

We then became involved with the Gigaclear program to connect the whole of the village. Most of their contractors were accommodating and a good dialogue was maintained with head office. On the whole, although there was considerable disruption, and a few BT lines were cut through, their work has been completed satisfactorily.

We have spent a lot of time with the Environment Agency (EA) this year. Work continued with the Evenlode Project and the Natural Flood Management of the Littlestock Brook, so in September a new flood monitor, bought by the PC for Littlestock Brook to replace the temporary EA one, was installed and went live.

One of the projects resulting from our S106 grant from the St Jude’s development was to replace the deteriorating bark surfaces under the children’s play equipment on the Green. The drive up to the sports club has also been renovated and parking bays added.

One major continuing project, undertaken by a small group of councillors and villagers, has been the work in developing our Neighbourhood Plan. This is now in its final stages with the draft plan ready for public scrutiny.  This ties in with the WODC’s Local Plan and will ensure that the character of the village will be maintained with any future development.

Chris Trotman

February – March 2022