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kirstyhathaway02My name is Kirsty from Familiar Faces. I have been providing a private home care service for the vulnerable and the elderly for two and a half years. I look after people who may be restricted by the demands of everyday life with complex needs and wish to remain in their own home.

My journey into care started along with my passion for supporting people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia at a care home in Cornwall. Dementia was not something I was familiar with, so working closely with the residents allowed me to understand more about the condition so I could help improve their quality and longevity of life.

More recently, I was asked to work with a 97 year old man for just under a year who had dementia after a quick decline in health. I visited him four times a day every day during this period. We created a comfortable routine, which made him feel open to talk and share his memories telling me about his life; we also enjoyed a mutual a love of 1940s music. He would usually be my first morning client visit; we would start the day with him reciting poems and asking for more rounds of toast as he sipped on his cup of tea. He would say “Where there’s tea there’s hope.” His positivity always brought a smile to my face and brightened my day!

I am passionate about caring and realise the importance of having a familiar face around, especially for those living with conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I understand how debilitating and distressing it can be for the loved ones of those affected by the condition. This is where Familiar Faces became the name for my service

The coronavirus outbreak has been a hugely different and difficult time for everyone. I would like to reassure everyone that whilst I continue to work through COVID-19 in order to support clients, I am following all government guidelines to reduce any risk of infection.

Thankfully, summertime is here. The beautiful weather has been a wonderful time to be out and about visiting my clients. It’s wonderful to see everything in full bloom, it’s also been a great time for bird spotting particularly ones that we don’t usually get to see and who are now becoming regular visitors to bird feeding stations, like the woodpecker. It has been fascinating for my clients and an interesting topic to talk about.

I feel incredibly lucky to be doing the job I love most with the great community spirit we see in the Wychwoods surrounded by the outstanding countryside. 

Kirsty Hathaway
Mobile 077806 76083

August – September 2020

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