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Read Now: December January 2024
A note from the editor

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? That question came to mind as I looked at the contents of this issue of the magazine. The optimist is looking ahead to the Christmas period with its presents, parties, family gatherings and the like. The pessimist looks out of the window any day after around four o’clock, draws the curtains and mulls over the long days of winter ahead.

I have some good news: this issue contains articles that enliven Christmas and all its memories – so that’s the optimists sorted out, while the pessimists can, instead of being immersed in dark thoughts, can be reminded of this beautiful part of the world where a treasure trove of local images can fill the mind and warm the heart; Liz Watson’s article about the Wild Garden through the seasons should do the trick.

Two new writers, Edie Szep and Mandy-Rae Jessey, have contributed articles that can only cheer these dark nights, Edie in her early Christmas encounters with a snowbound Britain and Mandy-Rae with a thoroughly smile-inducing article reflecting on the gems of the Wychwoods. Then, for the Christmas attractions, Charlie Loader gives us a recipe for a mouth- watering chocolate orange torte, Valerie Carter Shortman weighs in with a recipe for a Boxing Day pie and our local shops remind us of what is on offer.

So, optimist or pessimist, this edition of our magazine should warm the cockles of your heart.

Bob Forster, Editor

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