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Latest issue: October – November 2020


CoverThumb41_4aNot everyone in the Wychwoods is called to active service but this issue shows the huge range of activities undertaken by the locals. While not everyone can make a full sized working wooden car, not everyone can walk the length of the Ridgeway Challenge in three days, not everyone can make a fine array of face masks while raising a small fortune for the NHS and not everyone can look with barely suppressed frustration at the 2020 harvest, you will find all these characters and their achievements in this edition of the magazine. Then there are tales of a very naughty boy, the gentle ramblings of a happy allottmenteer and the appreciative notes of a new arrival in our community.

That’s not all. Alongside around 20 quality photographs we continue to reminisce about changes that have taken place over the 40 years that this magazine has been published – changes in Ascott and those in the WI. This being 2020, we cannot escape the effects of Covid 19 but even this cloud has a silver lining as is seen in the mask making noted above and the misty-eyed memories of two elderly citizens who read a sports report which rekindled a host of memories.

So much to read; so much for you to enjoy.

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

Introducing the new Deputy Editor
Sew, sew, quick, quick sew
Harvest 2020
40 years of change at Ascott under Wychwood
Shopping in the Wychwoods
Milton parish council news
The view from Milton
92 miles in three days
Birth of a wooden car
A heartfelt thanks
A cautionary tale
The happy allotmenteer
40 years of change at the WI
Thoughts of a new arrival
Shipton church car boot sale – photos
Weather summary for July and August 2020
Pathways to freedom
Things that go bump in the night
Blind date with a book
The church at work
Medical vignette
A Wychwood’s education 60 years ago
Neighbourhood watch
From lockdown to Wembley
The wychwood interview: Chris Trotman
Shipton’s wildlife pond
Milton Trust
The first time
Final thoughts: Anne Hartley

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