Spring’s newness

Following the great winds at the end of February we had some lovely spring weather, perfect for walking the dogs. Trees begging to put forth green buds and bulbs coming out everywhere. Spring is on the move and a fresh newness in the air.

I really enjoy this time of year as the church gets ready to celebrate Easter. With it comes the feeling of rebirth and new beginnings. You do  not have to be a church person to get that feeling of rebirth and new beginnings, it is there in the freshness of spring.

There is also a feeling of new beginnings now that Covid restrictions have been lifted, bringing with it the so called “new normal” that everyone talks about. However, events in Eastern Europe have cast a shadow over all of this. Uncertainty looms about what will happen to the geopolitical landscape.

It is all a bit depressing, I hear you say, and it is. But the Easter story (and the ever-changing seasons) tell us that the darkness of Good Friday is followed by the new birth of Easter Day.

We might have to wait a long time to see something to celebrate in Eastern Europe, but history teaches us that it will come, spring inevitably follows winter, and Easter Day follows Good Friday. On behalf of the churches in the Wychwood Benefice, I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter.

Geoffrey Clement

April – May 2022