Growing up in Milton under Wychwood

In our last issue, Hilary Allen (nee Pritchard) described her local upbringing; here is the other half, literally, of her story, as told by Robert Cranmer.

I was first introduced to the Cotswolds in 1951. My family moved to Great Rissington and from there we moved to Lyneham where we lived in one of the row of terraced cottages. I learnt to swim in the river at Lyneham, which is now all overgrown.

We then moved to The Sands in Milton. Along with my siblings, we attended Burford School where, to the incredulity of some my teachers I was made a prefect. It was incredulous because I was not the most well-behaved pupil, having absconded to Birmingham and brought back a few months later by the School Board Man.

My first job was working for Stan Davis Builders from Fifield and one of my first tasks was to blow up the tree stumps with dynamite, which were remaining after the trees were cut down and taken to Groves at Milton. Also, I was employed at Bruern Abbey to restore the former swimming pool, which had been ordered by the government during the war 1939-1945 to turn into a natural habitat. Surprisingly after six years of neglect only one tile was found to be broken when we had cleared it out of all the wild life.

In 1956 we moved to Black Rock, Brighton but I now live near Romsey in Hampshire with the love of my life, who was my teenage sweetheart in Milton. We met up again after 47 years apart, and now have been together for the last 18 years. Her name is Hilary Pritchard of Fifield and The Sands, Milton under Wychwood.

I could easily go on, however that would not be fair as I would fill up the Magazine, but I would go back to Milton to live at the drop of a hat, as in my mind it is a most wonderful place to live.

April – May 2022