The Wychwood Quiz 2022

Test your knowledge of the Wychwoods with this quiz (answers below):

  1.  Tiddy Hall in Ascott under Wychwood was originally built by Reginald John Elliott Tiddy, but what was his profession?
  2. The Wychwood Guides meet at the Wychwood School, but do you know who the Guiders are?
  3. New Beaconsfield Hall in Shipton will always be known as “New”, but when was it opened?
  4. Can you name the chair of each of the Parish Councils in Ascott under Wychwood, Milton under Wychwood and Shipton under Wychwood?
  5. In the previous issue, the Cotswold Wardens said that they had cleared out the Sheep washes in Ascott under Wychwood and Upper Milton, but where are they?
  6. There were two public houses in Milton High Street, one was called The Quart Pot (now called The Hare). What was the other one called?
  7. When was the Wychwood Magazine first published?
  8. Who was the first Chairman of the Wychwood Magazine?
  9. The Shaven Crown was used by Anneka Rice in the 1980’s when she flew in by helicopter, but what was the name of the programme?
  10. When did we have devastating floods in all the Wychwood Villages?
  11. When was the Ascott Shop opened?
  12. Where will you find a Stone Bulls Head in the Wychwoods?
  13. The Wychwood Bowls club has been running for over 90 years. Do you know where the clubhouse is?
  14. Shipton Court was built in circa 1603, but who by?
  15.  Who is the current Wychwood Scout Leader?
  16. There was a displaced persons camp situated in Milton, but where was it?
  17. A famous local poet once lived in Ascott under Wychwood. Can you name her?
  18. Can you name the well-known actor who once lived in Ascott under Wychwood who played the lead role in “The Elephant Man”?
  19. Which of the Wychwood villages had a baseball team?  
  20. Can you name the young man from Milton under Wychwood who went to the USA to play American Football in the NFL?
  1. University Lecturer/ Soldier
  2. Claire Saxby/Alison Faulkner
  3. 4th July 1998
  4. Brian Leach /Chris Trotman/ Jill Mavin
  5. On the left of Shipton Road as you leave the village and in Upper Milton by the crossroads on your right as you leave the village
  6. The Butchers Arms
  7. First Issue April/May 1980
  8. Col. Oliver Stedall
  9. Treasure Hunt
  10. 20th July 2007
  11. November 2003
  12. On Milton High Street, above the windows where Harman’s the Butchers used to be
  13. Behind the Shaven Crown
  14. The Lacey Family
  15. Steve Miller
  16. In Frog Lane, on the edge of the Alfred Groves site
  17. Pam Ayres
  18. John Hurt
  19. Ascott under Wychwood
  20. John Smith

April – May 2022