Important notice for our subscribers

Subscription payment and renewals

At the beginning of April our team of magazine distributors would normally collect annual subscriptions.  However, this year we are deferring collection pending a review of our subscription payment and renewal process.  The key factors prompting this review are:

1. The need to ensure compliance with recently introduced Data Protection laws.
2. The need to reduce cash handling activities such as:
   a. many people no longer have cash readily available and there is a desire from many to pay electronically
   b. banks are actively discouraging cash pay-ins
3. The need for better payment reconciliation processes

Therefore, we are actively exploring an on-line subscription payment process as an option which will help us to address all of the above.  We do acknowledge, however, that not every subscriber will want to – or be able to – make on-line payments and we therefore need to ensure that we have a workable solution for those cases.

Our aim is to finalise these processes as soon as possible and certainly in time to be able to provide full details in our June-July edition.

April – May 2022