Shipton PC, always on the go

Shipton Parish Council is made up of seven volunteer Councillors ably assisted and kept in order by The Clerk. But, what do we actually do? 

As a PC, we manage the green spaces, hedgerows, the playground, the allotments, and burial ground, liaise with the school, review and give opinion on all planning applications in the parish ….. and generally, get involved with anything affecting our village.

Recent activities include looking at water quality issues of The Evenlode, securing the opening of the new school parking and commissioning the new artwork at Oak Drive. Additionally, we have obligations to keep an Emergency Plan which was actioned, together with much hard labour, when Prebendal was evacuated due to flooding last Christmas Eve 2020.

Besides the regular, on-going activities, the last year has seen the PC deliver on its environmental programme by planting 20 trees around the village, and following the creation of the wildlife pond at the allotments, the area has been improved with a bench and picnic table. Road safety is also a focus for the PC. We are fully supportive of the Speedwatch programme and have secured a new lower speed limit on entering the village from the north. For 2022, we are seeking advice on the viability of replicating this at the southern entrance to the village.

We provide financial support to the New Beaconsfield Hall, the Library and the WOCT village bus service and provide funding for the Shipton Volunteers. Donations are regularly given to local groups, among them in 2021 being The Wild Garden and the Wychwood Brownies, Guides and Rainbows.

There’s always plenty to do, and 2022 will be no different. Planning is already underway for the Shipton Fete in August and for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in June.

All this for around 15p a day for the average household. Hopefully you think we’re worth it!

Rob Dyer

February – March 2022