Every organisation needs a good treasurer

We are welcoming a new treasurer to The Wychwood, Jennie Trice, who tells us something about her background on this page, but before she does, we must record our very sincere thanks to our previous and long-serving treasurer, Anne Braithwaite, who has held the role for many years as well as organising the distribution of the magazine in Ascott.  She will be missed, but we will always look back on her times with us with both gratitude and affection.

I moved to Milton under Wychwood in June 2015, from Maidenhead with my husband.  Milton is part of our retirement plan and after the bustle of a busy town, it is very peaceful here.  The views are fabulous and there are so many small towns to visit.

For the last twenty years, I worked in Finance at the local council and spent my time managing budgets for Education and Social Services.  It was very rewarding as you became part of future planning as well, stretching the budgets for the various services.  We also built a new Special School which has state-of-the-art facilities and I was on the committee to head up Finance.   I now work for the University of Oxford, a much shorter commute as I work at home!

Milton under Wychwood has been the best place during lockdown, as there are many walks nearby and wonderful pubs in the area.  We have found everyone to be very welcoming and it is nice to live in a lively village full of all age groups. 

I am happy to take on the role as treasurer for this community magazine as I feel I can use my experience and knowledge as well as giving back to the community.  I hope that we can take the magazine forward to the new residents, like myself, as well as to all the local population who have supported the magazine for forty years.

February – March 2022