Supporting minority women in Oxfordshire

Jewins women 2 women LTD is Oxfordshire’s first Black African, Asian, Carribbean therapy center for women of ethnic minority who have suffered domestic violence. We offer online coaching, counselling, court and cultural support for these women and their children.

While studying theology at Wycliffe Hall University of Oxford, my children and I were victims of domestic abuse and it prevented me from completing my studies. It was whilst at the Women’s Refuge in Banbury 10 years ago that I decided Oxfordshire needed something different for the ethnic minority women suffering from violence so I began looking to set up the first independent women’s refuge in the area to provide short-term accommodation for women fleeing domestic violence.  I  wanted to set up a charity that could assist women like myself who were struggling to find the support they needed in understanding the cultural backgrounds and the challenges ethnic women who are abused are faced with while living here in the UK.  So, I formed the Jewins Women 2 Women charity.

In the last nine years, we have supported 170 women in advocacy and referral to the appropriate services. The challenges of COVID lockdowns have seen an increase in need for support. In the last 14 months alone, we have provided and helped:

  • 50 women with counselling and coaching, 
  • 20 women out of depression,
  • 2 women from suicidal thoughts,
  • 5 women to win their court cases, enabling them to gain access to their children who were taken by their partners and
  • 1 woman in establishing her immigration status preventing her from being deported working through the Home Office Domestic violence programme.

We have even helped three men to win their cases in court to gain access to their children.  

We run a Social Enterprise to raise money for our project selling African fabrics, clothes, arts and crafts and are currently seeking funding for a shop to set up our social enterprise and for staff. We are constantly seeking volunteers. To support us, please contact Ruth Obasa on 07950775993 or email

If you know any woman of colour who is suffering from domestic abuse, please refer them to us. Domestic violence is a crime and must not be tolerated! 

Ruth Obasa

December 2021 – January 2022