The Wychwood interview: Carole Arnold

Carole Arnold is the leader of the Shipton volunteers. She sat down and spoke to our magazine about living in the Wychwoods.

  1. I know you come from a city background, what persuaded you to move to the rural Wychwoods?

It’s been my long term ambition. My nan lived in Guiting Power and I spent part of my summer holidays with her. I used to lie in the field behind her cottage and dream of living in the countryside one day.

  • Was it easy to adjust your life style to village living? Did you find that people are generally friendly?

I had no problem adjusting to the quieter lifestyle. When we first arrived, it was a pleasant surprise to find people wishing you good morning, even if you didn’t know them. So, yes, I found it a very friendly place to live.

  • Since you settled in, you have become very involved in village activities. What motivates you?

I don’t really think about it in a motivational way, as I just enjoy the things I have got involved in. I suppose if I had to come up with something, it would be that I hope I was making a difference.

  • You are a very busy lady. What do you do to relax?

We have a very long garden and I just love spending time in it. I have also recently joined the Wychwood Singers, and it has taken me by surprise how much I enjoy singing (well try to sing anyway).

  • What TV programmes do you watch (if any).

We don’t have a TV licence, so we just watch DVD’s instead. We are currently working our way through the box set of Bones.

  • Describe the Wychwoods in just three words.

Beautiful, homely and tranquil.

  • Your husband Richard is a fine artist. Is he able to cook your dinner too?

Yes, he does all the cooking which he likes doing. I do the other domestic work, so this balances chores out. We are a team!!!

  • Where is your favourite travel destination and why do you like it so much?

Slovenia. We have been a few times, the first time being our honeymoon. The scenery is just amazing; it’s not a big tourist destination and so it hasn’t lost its unique character. It is quiet and their way of life is so laid back.

  • Where is your favourite spot in the Wychwoods and why?

The top of Swinbrook Road looking down onto the Village and the surrounding hills.

  1. Where do you call home – city or village?

No contest… village life.

December 2021 – January 2022