Christmas memories

My father shouting up the chimney to Father Christmas when I was 8, calling him Old Nitty Whiskers and then there was nothing from him on Christmas morning… until my brother and I found his presents in another room. Oh the relief and joy.  JM

Moscow, December 1988.   Returning from Red Square, 8 up in a Lada Niva, having had Champagne freezing in glasses at minus 10C.    LL driving and PS looking fearfully at the Moscow traffic; 4 children on the back seat and 2 inebriated men (TL and CS) squashed in the boot.  Those adults all live in Milton now – who are they?  TL

I had signed a contract for three years to work for an Arab company in The Middle East. When Christmas Day arrived I discovered to my horror that this and Boxing Day were normal working days! . I and a British colleague turned up at !0am instead of 7am to receive a “rocket” from our Arab boss.  JM

“The first Christingle Service that we attended many years ago with two of our very young grandchildren. Their look of wonderment and pleasure as the service unfolded was wonderful. They loved their special candles, and took them home – minus the sweets on them which had miraculously disappeared by the time they left St Mary’s!”  PC

At the bottom of that long grey sock on Christmas morning, just above the tangerine, was a sugar mouse, white going on silver, with a string tale; Christmas had arrived.  RF

Three years old and snuggled down in bed on Christmas Eve. Heard Father Christmas’s sledge above me on the roof of our house. Could not explain why it sounded more like the wooden wheels on our milkman’s cart but it was definitely him! +

Homemade cold pease pudding made according to the family Durham recipe and served thick and cold on bread with home cooked and sliced ham at tea on Christmas Day +

Retrieving the £50 pounds, which was meant to go towards my new motor scooter, from the back of the fire where it had been thrown with the wrapping paper. AV

Family tradition to play football on Christmas Day with brothers, cousins and uncles etc. Last kick of the day fell backwards and broke my wrist. Night of agony. Boxing Day in A&E. SC

In the car on Christmas Eve in the late 8Os, Chris Rea’s “Driving Home for Christmas” came on the radio – it caught the moment perfectly.  Ever since, every Christmas, it has to be played in the car come what may.  The fact that I don’t actually like the song very much is not really the point – it has become a Christmas Tradition.  SK

My favourite Christmas memory is and will always be special family gatherings.  Lots of home cooking, lots of games, lots of laughter and my Dad repeatedly singing ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ from early November.  Happy times given to me by my parents and passed on to my children and their children (including the singing).  JB

My first Christmas panto in England was quite the experience.  All the lights, the music, and the crowd interaction was so thrilling.  I’d never witnessed anything quite like it, and while I didn’t know all the traditions when I sat down, it was fun to learn and follow along with everyone. I’ll never forget it. I was 51! VCS

December 2021 – January 2022