New faces

Two newcomers join as volunteers with the magazine

Sarah King, our new secretary

After living abroad for over fifteen years, I recently bought my house in Milton-under-Wychwood.  When I returned to the UK, I was lucky enough to be able to choose where I live, having sold our house in Kent when we moved abroad.  The move coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic and, in retrospect, this was a good thing as it made me really focus on what is important to me.  I missed living in the English countryside and I also wanted to be part of a relatively small but vibrant community.  So Milton-under-Wychwood it was!

How is it going?  So far so good – people have been welcoming and friendly.   I have met long established residents and newcomers like me, of all ages, all with interesting life experience.  For me this makes for a great community that moves with the times, but also holds on to good things from the past while wanting to continue to build a lovely place for all of us to live. 

Now I have volunteered to act as secretary, an ideal opportunity for me to get to know and contribute to our local community and also help produce an excellent magazine – a win win win.

Jackie Birch, our new compliance officer

I moved to Milton under Wychwood from Buckinghamshire two years ago and with Covid and lockdowns what a two years it’s been. 

Years ago, I trained as a nurse and had a wonderful career which finished with me working as head of patient safety, risk and compliance for NHS Trusts.  These roles allowed me to use my clinical background and knowledge to improve the safety and quality of patient care.  

I stopped working in 2018.  Why?  Quite simply for my husband, Colin, and I to fulfil our dream of travelling throughout Europe and the UK. Once lockdown hit, we were grounded  but it wasn’t all bad.  We walked and cycled every day exploring the local area far more than we would have done had we been traveling. 

Now I hope to get to know people locally and give something to the area in which I live.  I have happily accepted the role of Compliance Manager for the Wychwood Post which should not only use some of my existing knowledge but also allow me the opportunity to learn new things which I always enjoy.

April – May 2022