Shipton church repairs: the story so far

The nave aisle roof, which was our immediate cause for concern following the discovery of rotten beams, was repaired in the early summer. This was all made possible by fundraising and donations from the wider community together with the use of existing funds from St Mary’s coffers. The church is presently free of scaffolding and a look internally at the nave roof shows where new timbers have been used. Repairs which took place simultaneously outside on the roof are only visible by climbing onto the roof of the church.

However, a survey has shown that the south aisle roof also needs extensive repair and renovation. Monies are not available for this and hence the requirement to raise £75,000 by holding various events.

  • Already some £1,200 has been raised at the Tea Party held on 14th August. 
  • A car boot sale was held on Bank Holiday Monday and several of the stalls have made donations.
  • Monies have been received from the monthly church raffle which is an ongoing provider of funds.
  • In early December there will be a repeat of an auction of promises which proved very successful in 2020.
  • Similarly in December the church will mount a display of decorated Christmas trees which will have been sponsored by different bodies.

Unfortunately, the Covid situation has severely curtailed fundraising attempts during 2020 and the earlier part of 2021, hence the need to make up for lost time. As yet the church has not applied for funds to certain charitable trusts that may offer grants to help with renovations. These charitable funds only tend to offer assistance once the church has shown that it has made serious efforts to raise funds itself. This has been demonstrated by the fact that we have raised all the money required to repair the nave roof both internally and externally. As we are also actively fund raising for the aisle roof, we are in a good position to start approaching charitable funds. In this venture we are fortunate enough to have the assistance of a professional fundraiser, and she has not only offered to help but very kindly declined to charge a fee as is common practice.

Much has been done and much remains to be done so we are relying heavily on support from our community.

James Walmsley

Church warden

October-November 2021