The Old Prebendal House

Following the devastating floods at Christmas 2020, The Old Prebendal House (OPH), the care home located on the Old Prebendal Estate in Shipton under Wychwood, re-opened at the beginning of August.  It has received a complete make-over.  As well as the new flooring, lighting and furniture demanded by the situation, most of the rooms now have wet-room bathroom facilities.  Additional features include a hairdressing and beauty salon.  Lounges and the dining room have been upgraded with extra facilities for outdoor dining.  Speaking of outdoors, landscaping and garden improvements have been made, giving the whole property a homely feeling.

The OPH remains under the ownership of Mariposa Care. They welcome a new manager, Stephen Griffin, a Registered Manager since 1997 with wide experience in social work, nursing and services for children as well as adults, including those with dementia.

The Old Prebendal Estate includes a collection of retirement cottages and apartments, ideal for couples as well as single people, with excellent links to the main complex so that all needs can be addressed on site.

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October-November 2021