Milton Baptist Church Sunday School 1969

A photograph on the back cover of our last issue prompted this response of good memories from one of the Sunday School teachers, Margaret Bradley.

This brought back memories of how we used to hire a coach to take us on outings, parents and friends included.  One year we went to Weston-super-Mare, while Wickstead Park at Kettering was a favourite, with the model railway running through the grounds; our son Andrew travelled on it in his carrycot at five weeks old!

In later years, we met with other Sunday Schools for a sports afternoon alternating with a ramble.

The Candlelight Carol Service was another highlight; my husband, Bob, wrote several nativity plays for it.  The Christmas party was always special.  We had to divide it into two parts, otherwise the older ones would have sent the little ones flying during the games! So, the little ones came at 3.00pm and tea was at 4.30pm, when the older ones would arrive.  At 5.00pm, the little ones would go home and the party would continue until 6.30pm.  A favourite was the ‘Chocolate Game’.  All the participants sit in a circle on the floor.  In the centre is a plate with a large slab of chocolate on it, plus a knife, fork, hat, scarf and gloves close by.  If a six was thrown on either of the rubber die, there was a mad dash to the centre donning hat, scarf and gloves and trying to cut a bit of chocolate to eat before the next six was thrown. It could be quite chaotic, but good fun!

Bob wrote other plays for anniversaries.  One was  a modern ‘Good Samaritan’ where an old lady was mugged for her pension.  If you had seen any of the dress rehearsals, you would have been horrified, but the children always performed beautifully on the day.

To close, the little girl sitting in the middle of the front row with blonde hair and wearing a white top is Rachel Pounds.  Later she trained to be a nurse.  She worked for many years in Africa for Save the Children Fund.

October-November 2021