A term full of fantastic learning at Ascott Preschool

Summer may feel like a long time ago but the children enjoyed a term packed with fun activities, including food tasting, science experiments, learning about different countries, and plenty of crafts.

As part of our learning about healthy eating, we showed the children lots of different kinds of fruit and vegetables. We talked about how they grow and why they are good to eat. The children then tasted a selection of vegetables and decided which they liked the best. We have also been focusing on drinking plenty of water by putting stickers onto a picture of a bath when the children have a drink from their water bottles, and seeing which ‘side’ of the room can fill the bath first!

The children were excited to try out some science experiments.  We created a volcano using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. This caused raucous giggling as it erupted six feet in the air, raining vinegar all over everyone… “do it again” they all shouted!

We have continued our weekly trips to Forest School at Bruern, and would like to thank the Astor family for allowing us to use this lovely site.

If you would like to know more about our preschool, please visit our website www.ascottpreschool.co.uk, or contact Pauline via email (ascott_pp@btinternet.com) or phone (01993 832671).

October-November 2021