Marcia Little (1957-2021)

Marcia was born on 16th March 1957 in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire.  At the age of four she moved to Witney with her mum Elsie and brother John.  In 1976 I met Marcia in The Savon Supermarket. She was a checkout supervisor and I was an apprentice butcher. We dated for five years and married in Witney on 26th April 1981 – the best day of my life. 

We moved around from place to place before settling back in Milton – we were home.  Marcia became a milk lady at the local Wychwood Dairy under the guidance of Ivan Puschnik, who has also recently passed away. She loved the country life and come rain or snow Marcia always got the milk to her loyal customers. But with the cheaper supermarket milk, the independent milkman was in decline. 

Marcia found her true calling in life, gardening.   She was very lucky to work for Robin Lane-Fox, who took her under his wing. She soaked up his great gardening knowledge and soon she had the confidence to spread her wings taking on more customers. After a few years, her horticultural knowledge was amazing. 

Our life was not all work and no play. We travelled the world together – China, Peru, Australia, New Zealand to name a few.  Also, tennis at Wimbledon and Queens and The O2. She went with Sue Saxby to the US Open and Roland-Garros as well as the Australian Open with me.  Marcia was a heavy metal fan and for 30 years on the trot she went to the Downland Festival on her own, sleeping in her van. 

Then about two and a half years ago Marcia had a pace maker and defibrillator fitted. Life was never the same for Marcia and me. We suddenly realised old age was creeping up on us!  Then on 4th July, the day you hoped would never happen did!  I was there holding her hand and kissed her goodbye. She had a life well lived. We had 40 years of married life and I was the luckiest of men to share her love.

Phil Little

October-November 2021