Did you know …?

  • The long-standing editor of this magazine, Christine Halliday, has stood down from the committee – but she can’t resist assisting wherever needed, and this was marked by a dinner at The Shaven Crown in acknowledgement of her immense contribution.
  • Never let it be said that the Day Centre members just sit around and play Rummikub or drink tea.  At one of their summer meetings, miniature horses visited, complete with nappies, engaging the members and safeguarding the hall floor.
  • The A361 was shut for over a week in August due to a water leak, causing a fair degree of chaos.  Once the road was re-opened, Thames Water said the delay was because so much water leaked out that the ground had to be given time to dry out before the tarmac could be laid.
  • A MUWAGA sale at the end of August raised £135 for Bridewell Gardens, an organisation that enables those with learning disabilities to develop gardening skills plus some welcome confidence.
  • Two of our contributors to this issue of The Wychwood, namely Margaret Bradley and Grace Rawlins, are not only lifelong friends but Grace was a bridesmaid at Margaret’s wedding (yes, it was rather a long time ago).
  • In tennis, last year the Men’s A team were promoted to the Premier Division of the Oxfordshire Winter Tennis Leagues and this summer they have also secured promotion to the Premier Division of the Oxfordshire Dunlop Summer League next year. Simon Lyle is their team captain and he has been supported by a squad of ten players, all keen to play well against the stiff opposition.
  • The global face of monster vegetables, namely Milton’s Gerald Stratford, has reached new heights.  As well as having a quarter of a million followers on social media, this cheerful gardener, who never considers himself to be an expert, has now written a book, entitled Big Veg that is available online.
  • Sad to report that within days of the footpath at the end of Green Lane being upgraded, it was vandalised; please be vigilant about such incidents.

October-November 2021