Mud, mud, inglorious mud

Thank you to the Milton Village Volunteers and the Cotswold Wardens for the great work on the footpath from the end of Green Lane down to the stream. This has always been so very muddy whenever it rains, but recently I ventured along there to find that the path was being reinstated with matting and gravel and the overhanging trees were being trimmed. After clearing the path of previous efforts to strengthen it, a completely new surface was spread.  It is now so much more pleasant to walk along there and the likelihood is that even in the worst of weather, this popular path will be a pleasure to use.

These two organisations do so much around our villages which often goes unacknowledged. How fortunate we are that there are people who voluntarily do jobs like this and improve the environment for the rest of us.

Thank you Milton Village Volunteers and Cotswold Wardens. Keep up the good work.

Marjorie Connolly

October-November 2021