More Tea Vicar?

I must admit that I am something of a prolific tea drinker; I get through at least 3 pints a day! It goes with the job I suppose and my record stands at an eye watering 14 cups in one day.

Here are some interesting facts about the nation’s favourite drink: People in the UK consume nearly 150,000 tonnes of tea a year; 68% of the population enjoy a cuppa every day; 90% of the cuppas brewed are made with tea bags.

Some witty person in a magazine tried to make a comparison between people and the different types of tea they drank. For example: FRUIT TEA, someone who is full of zest and enthusiasm. CAMOMILE, a person who has a calming influence in situations. EARL GREY, sophisticated. TEA BAG, those who are quick to the rescue. LOOSE LEAF BREAKFAST, a good all-rounder.

What other personal qualities can we learn from tea? It’s reliable, it refreshes, and it enriches the lives of others. If we think of PG Tips, (other brands are available) we can remember an important Christian lesson:

P practice
G God’s
Tips for living

God’s tips for living can be summed up by saying: Treat others as you would want to be treated. 

And that is something we can all aim at whether we drink tea or coffee, go to church or not.

Whatever you drink, may you find refreshment over the summer holidays.

Geoffrey Clement

August-September 2021