Milton Parish Council report – watery matters!

Two new initiatives will be taking place hopefully in Milton in the coming months. The first is the replacement of the flood level monitoring equipment and the second is the possibility of installing a reed bed filtration system, both on Littlestock Brook.

We have come to rely on the old flood level monitor installed on Littlestock Brook as an early warning for rising water levels but the plan is to install a solar powered system instead. The Environment Agency is looking to trial a system for reducing phosphate and nitrate contaminates in Littlestock Brook. The plan is to install a reed bed filtration scheme on the lower reaches before it enters the Evenlode.

In addition, regular walkers may have noticed the appearance of a new footbridge built over the stream near the public footpath between Milton and Upper Milton.  This joint initiative aims to provide a permissive footpath link between the St Jude’s Meadow site and the public footpath network on the eastern side of the village. 

Construction of the bridge was under the control of the Cotswold Wardens with help from three local volunteers.  Undergrowth was cleared, foundations were dug and concrete bridge abutments installed.

It was with great relief when the first timber was placed across the abutments and it proved to be level and the correct length – not bad considering the amount of guesstimating involved! The finished result is one sturdy bridge, good, we hope, for years to come.

Steve Whiting and Chris Trotman

August-September 2021