An O.A.P. looks at the Adult Education Centre Brochure (1981)

Now, what could I do on a Monday,
Instead of watching the ‘box’?
I could occupy hours making Japanese Flowers,
Or learn to repair old clocks.
What could I do on a Tuesday,
Instead of reading a book?
I might go berserk trying metalwork,
Or wielding a crochet hook.
What could I do on a Wednesday,
Instead of hugging the fire?
There’s a course in Home-dyeing, without really trying
Or how about playing the lyre?
What could I do on a Thursday,
Instead of staying at home?
Upholster a chair, learn to restyle my hair,
Make a pottery garden gnome!
Oh, there’s lots I could do on a Friday,
Instead of just sitting around.
I could learn to read or type at speed,
Or wire my home for sound.
I might build a Home Extension,
Play the Classical Guitar,
Then make a dress or study chess,
Or learn to fix my car.
There’s a class on Flower Arrangement,
And “How to manage a Horse”.
I have never been on a trampoline,
Or an Archaeology Course.
But when Enrolment Day comes round,
I shall not join the queues.
Decisions strain my poor old brain

P.J.S. Ascott

We have made inquiries and think the author could have been Pam Shepherd?