All swings and roundabouts

In April I wondered if we would get some rain to help the spuds along. In May I wondered if it would stop raining and warm up a bit. Early June was flaming alright and it was back to watering, but at least the first summer crops were appearing, then we were back to the cool and rain. 

Eventually the mangetout and my early lettuce plants gave up sulking and produced usable crops at last. There was a surge in growth that saw tomatoes, rhubarb and especially the brassicas roaring ahead. I expect that it will all pan out in the end. I will still moan, of course, but that is expected of every gardener, we have our standards to maintain!  Other than that, I just fall back on blind optimism – it normally works. I’m sticking to my no-dig method but it does have the drawback of more surface weeds to tackle. Mulching with compost and manure seems to be paying off as the worms are having a field day.

August and September are the traditional harvest months, a time to put your excess away for winter. Potatoes in sacks, courgettes and tomatoes into the ratatouille and parsnips into the wine, as long as you can find anyone who can stomach it!  Fresh produce, fewer air miles – what’s not to like?

Further relaxation of the Covid rules should enable us to have ‘live’ meetings before long although Zoom is still valued, especially for those who find it hard to get out. On the subject of socialising, we still intend to hold the MUWAGA ‘Event’ in lieu of the Show on Saturday 28 August, probably outside Milton Village Hall, so do come along, bring your prize veggies, flowers and so on just for show (there will be no judging) and enjoy a chat, a cuppa and maybe a bit of cake – who could resist? Not me! We have had to get on and arrange a speaker for September, and to be on the safe side we are sticking with Zoom for it. The talk will be by Francesca Olivia Page-Smith (via Zoom) on 22 September at 7pm, entitled ‘Eythrope Gardens’.      

Happy gardening.

Tony Lewis
MUWAGA chairman

August-September 2021