The Lamb at Shipton

The Lamb is under new management and it shows. The food is outstanding while the staff are unfailingly friendly. I have now been three times and have eaten in and out. Outside is lovely on a sunny day and inside is a bit like an old-fashioned pub: cosy.

The food really is good and very fairly priced.  We tried items from the Bites section to start with and found that the Padron Peppers and the Garlic, Parsley and Bone Marrow Flat Bread were especially good. I am looking forward to trying The Escargot and Crispy Frogs Legs next time.

From the Starter section, there was high praise for Devilled Kidneys on Toast and the ½ pint Shell on Atlantic Prawns and Mayo. I enjoyed The Smoked Eel Salad Nicoise.

My grandson assured me that his pizza (there are five different ones on offer) was scrumptious. They have a huge pizza oven on the go all the time and I asked a couple of other people who were having pizzas for their lunch if they were enjoying them and they gave them the thumbs up.

My wife enjoyed the Calves’ Liver and Bacon so much that she had it again on her second visit which wasn’t very helpful as I wanted all of us to try out different dishes. I think she may have it lined up for her third visit as well. Hugh raved about the Steak Frites, and I loved the Woodfired Hake made with Ratatouille and Green Sauce.  Andrew enjoyed their special of the day, which was thin rare roast beef with new potatoes and spinach. Another grandchild raved about the Triple Cooked Chips and Aioli.

A couple of big eaters found room for a Tart Tatin and some ice cream. I just managed a small helping of goat’s cheese, which was perfect, before finishing with an espresso, which hit the spot.

There’s something for everyone in the food department. I did think that the wine list was expensive, but I was told by a son-in-law that, “that’s the price of wine these days”. I enjoyed a pint of Hookey, which was served at exactly the right temperature.

It has to be reported that the staff are on a learning curve. They all have the right attitude, but most of them seemed to be new to the job.

My daughter and a couple of friends stayed the night at the request of the management to make suggestions. They reported back that it is comfortable, friendly and would be a good place to recommend to friends.

I look forward to my next visit, and I would never have said that about The Lamb in the past.


August-September 2021