Thank You

Nothing, we are told, stays the same for long; change is everywhere, not least in the team that brings you The Wychwood Magazine.  Two of our most valued and long-serving volunteers are standing down from the committee. Christine Halliday, for many years the editor, is taking more of a back seat although she will continue to act in an advisory and supportive capacity on the editorial team.  Julie Hemming, our former secretary and lead distributor for more years than many can remember, is also stepping down, although, like Christine, she will continue to help on the distribution side.  These two ladies deserve the thanks of our entire Wychwood community.

More recent additions to our team are also moving on.  In the case of our deputy editor, her family is moving to New Zealand; now that‘s what is called moving house!  Amanda Clarke has been a real livewire in energising the Milton community in its support of the magazine and she will be sorely missed.  Diane Shingleton, our new secretary, is having a baby shortly, so she will also be standing down. Her quiet efficiency will be a loss to our team and, at the time of writing, a replacement is still being sought.

But, there are gains as well as losses.  David Barham has enthusiastically taken on the role of subscriptions secretary and, all the way from the States, Valerie Carter Shortman, a recent arrival in Shipton, has stepped into Amanda’s role as deputy editor.

Six names and all volunteers! There is much to be thankful for here in the Wychwoods.

August-September 2021