I can’t wait until I can ……… again!

What are you longing to be able to do again?

One of the things I and others at Wychwood Baptist have missed is singing.  Even when churches have been open, singing (choirs excepted) has been forbidden.  Instead, we are silent behind masks.  As a result, Zoom has had quite the appeal, as we can at least sing (muted) into our screens. 

Since the first lockdown, there have been different flavours of online music.  From the likes of Gary Barlow’s Crooner sessions to choirs consisting of a collection of individuals together on screen.  Nothing beats live music though.  Perhaps singing with others is something you love and have missed, whether at church, in a choir, at a concert, or even a football match!

Amongst other things, singing brings us joy, lifts our hearts, reveals our passions.  As Christians, our singing reveals the joy we have in our lives because of what God has done for us through Jesus.  We look forward to a day when we will join with “every nation, tribe, people and language” forever singing God’s praises.

At Christmas there was a reprieve.  We were able to sing outside on Christmas morning!  Then no more until Easter, since when we’ve been allowed to do the same.  Hopefully it will not be too long before we can sing together inside church once more.  Until then, when weather permits, we will sing outside…and you are most welcome to come and join in.

Rev’d John Witts

June-July 2021