Sustainable Wychwoods Action Group (SWAG) is a local community group that aims to support and encourage sustainable living in the Wychwoods.

We started out as a few mums on the school run chatting about the climate crisis and the group grew from there. We now have a more diverse membership and are part of Community Action Groups (CAG), a fantastic Oxfordshire-wide network supporting sustainable living.

Although our focus this year has been Covid 19, the threat of global warming has not gone away. Carbon dioxide emissions have driven up temperatures faster than at any other time making extreme weather and melting polar ice caps more rapid. The climate crisis will affect nearly every aspect of our lives. From the food we can source, the clothes we wear, transport and infrastructure, our health, occupations and our future. And that’s just us!  What about the millions of people around the world who are much less able than us to cope with climate change?

SWAG news and events

We currently run the following events and initiatives to support local sustainable living:

  • Our Facebook group, Sustainable Wychwoods, is a place for local people to share news, ideas and tips on sustainability. We’re over 300 members strong – do join us.
  • The Wychwood Doorstep Giveaway – pass on items that still have lots of life left, but that you no longer need. Pop your items on your lawn/front door step (or ask a neighbour with more passing traffic) and leave out on the first weekend of every month.
  • Supporting the Blue Heart Campaign this summer. Leave a patch of your lawn wild to support wildlife. We are working with the Eco-Council at Wychwood Primary School to create no-mow wildflower areas on the school field and we’d love to see more of these around the village. Find out more at https://bluecampaignhub.com/
  • Save the date! From 3pm on Saturday 26 June we will be holding a Midsummer Festival with live music on Milton Green to promote local food and sustainability. We’ve partnered up with Medical Detection Dogs who had a fundraising party planned – so we’re sharing the date and joining forces for a village knees up!
  • Terracycle: at the time of writing our terracycle (recycling) programme is undergoing some change. We hope to have further information soon and will post to Facebook as soon as we do.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us on sustainablewychwoods@gmail.com

June-July 2021