Funding the improvements and restoration at Shipton Church

It is hoped that by the time you are reading this, the scaffolding will be gone and the restoration of the nave roof and the improvements to the lighting will be complete. We look forward to the new Bishop coming to meet us and bless the new roof in due course. We also look forward to welcoming the whole community when Covid restrictions are relaxed!

We estimate that the total cost of this first stage will be £179,000. We have raised £85,000, including gift aid, from donations mainly by members of the congregation and £15,000 has been raised by fund raising activities such as a silent auction and the monthly draw.  This generosity is greatly appreciated.  We have also received help from Ducker and Young who reduced their rates for scaffolding hire considerably when it became clear we would have to keep the scaffolding for the long haul! The remaining £79,000 has been provided by funds accumulated over the years, including some previous bequests to St Mary’s.

There are two further stages needed: the repair of the South Aisle roof as you enter the church and improvements including heating and better toilet and catering facilities. The South Aisle roof is expected to cost less than the nave.  We are still obtaining costings for the South Aisle and the improvements. Whilst we do have some general funds available, we will definitely need to seek further donations and grants from appropriate bodies as well as continuing our community fund raising.

If you are interested in making a donation or would like more information, please get in touch with me.

Hilary Matthews
Treasurer, St Mary the Virgin

June-July 2021