What’s in a name?

It appears to be a long-held thought that the field behind Milton’s allotments belongs to the Parish Council. Unfortunately, this isn’t true.

In the 1846 Enclosure Act, the field was given to various charities to manage. These charities gradually amalgamated into just two, the Milton Welfare Trust and what was originally called the Fuel Allotments. The Trust still exists today doing just what its name implies, giving welfare to those in the village who could benefit from it. The Fuel Allotments were slightly different. They were set aside for any villager to grow produce including gorse. Gorse is very good as kindle because of its oily nature, so I’m told, and so because of this the Fuel Allotments got their name.

However gorse is no longer grown up there so about a year ago we applied to change the name to something more appropriate, the Milton Allotment and Recreation Charity. Why ‘recreation’? In the charity’s governance it states that the income from the allotments is to be used to support recreation in the village.

All this was discovered a few years ago while I was searching through the archives. So the field doesn’t belong to the PC but to the charities. The ‘grass’ area is rented by a local farmer who uses it for haylage – winter animal feed, but this may change in the near future.

Chris Trotman

June-July 2021