Did you know …?

  • The Day Centre is looking ahead to life post-lockdown.  Meetings have been held for the committee and the volunteers, under the leadership of the new coordinator, Helen Pratley, discussing the possibilities once present troubles are over.
  • Dog thieves operate in the Wychwoods, sometimes marking likely houses with rubber bands on the gatepost or chalk marks; beware.
  • Did you know that in the middle of the Canterbury Plain in New Zealand there is a village called Milton.  The road through the village has a garage called Milton Service Station on one side of the road.
  • Ted George Estate Agents have a new office in the High Street in Shipton under Wychwood. Covid allowing it will be fully manned from next month. They are also offering an additional service which is to provide desktop valuations. Check out their website to learn more www.tedgeorge.co.uk .
  • Shipton [-under-Wychwood] was a settlement in Domesday Book, in the hundred of Shipton and the county of Oxfordshire.  It had a recorded population of 158.5 households in 1086, putting it in the largest 20% of settlements recorded in Domesday, and is listed under 4 owners in Domesday Book. https://opendomesday.org/…/SP2717/shipton-under-wychwood/
  • Stanley Kubrick used part of the Japanese garden in Shipton for a scene in his movie, A Clockwork Orange. An adaptation of the Anthony Burgess book. https://www.atroshenko.com/travelphotos/NSTravShipton.html
  • There’s a tall grass-like crop that grows quite commonly in the Wychwoods.  At more than six feet tall, it can’t be missed.  This is an easy-care crop, carbon neutral and high yielding.  But what is it used for?  It is an excellent source of renewable energy.  
  • Evidence of habitation in the Wychwoods from 80 BC…. Five uninscribed gold staters (small coins) of the so called “Chute or British B” type, produced in around 80-60 BC, were found close together in Milton under Wychwood in 2013. All the coins feature an abstract pattern derived from the head of Apollo on the obverse and a stylised left-facing horse with pellets above on the reverse. Coins of this type are most commonly found in the Hampshire Dorset area, so Milton is outside their usual area of circulation.

February – March 2022