What’s new at the Wychwood Project?

Do you have a favourite place, plant, or walk in the Wychwood area? Artists in residence at the Wychwood Project, Nimmi Naidoo and Flora Gregory, our two ‘Mappists’, would love to hear from you. The artists would like to invite anyone living in the Wychwood area to share photos, videos, poems or artworks reflecting the places they love in the Wychwood Forest, to form the basis of an innovative virtual artwork that explores how we see the environment around us. Using these contributions, the artists will create an accessible webpage that celebrates our local environment, encourages us to discover new spaces, and helps us experience familiar places with fresh eyes. The Wychwood Project will also share contributions on their Instagram channel, to inspire audiences to engage afresh with the natural world around them.

So, whether it’s a space with wonderful birdsong, that one tree you always admire, a view filled with memory, or just a path you walk along every evening, the Mappists would love to see, hear, or read your impressions of it. Please send in anything you would like to contribute to miranda@wychwoodproject.org.uk (who will share it with the Mappists), and keep an eye on the Wychwood Project’s Instagram (@wychwoodproject) to learn what others love about the Wychwood area. We hope you enjoy the project, and that it helps us all find fresh perspectives on the natural world around us, for lockdown and beyond.

February – March 2022