War action in the Wychwoods

On 16th Sept 1942, the Wellington bomber, BJ728, was flying over Conway, Wales when the starboard engine failed. Despite this handicap, the crew continued their journey onward but just as they were coming in to land at Rissington, the port engine also failed and the plane crashed and burst into flames at Milton under Wychwood. On seeing the plane travelling through a strange trajectory, a 17-year-old local lad ran to the crash site and pulled the tail gunner, Armstrong ‘Doc’ Lyon clear. Sadly, the rest of the crew were all killed, two of whom are buried at Little Rissington Church.

This crash has found recent fame in the local and national press after a reunion between the family of Doc Lyon, and the now 92-year-old local man, Ron Dale who came to the rescue all those years ago. Mr Lyon’s three children travelled from Australia, Canada and North America to meet and thank Mr Dale.

April-May 2021