Progress at Shipton church

The Archdeacon, responsible for Shipton church in the Oxford Diocese, has granted permission to commence repair and restoration work on the nave roof which will start in early January. The extensive works include the repair and partial replacement of decayed roof timbers.  There will be replastering and replacement of failed stonework and provision of lead cover flashings to weathered stonework will take place. Historic ironwork will be repaired and decorated and high-level timber and plasterwork will also be decorated. Existing high-level lighting and wiring will be stripped out and new light fittings and wiring installed.

Obtaining a faculty (planning permission) from the Diocese has been fairly speedy. Arranging inspections and obtaining co-ordinated repair plans from the various specialists, such as architects, structural engineers, timber specialists and others has been time consuming over a long period. Ideally, the repairs to the nave roof will be completed by Easter. However, this assumes that all the works are carried out to the time schedule of some three months. A church like St Mary’s of over 900 years old may well throw up some unanticipated problems during the repair stage. We wait to see…

James Walmsley

April-May 2021