Keeping the garden open

Back last March, we took the decision to keep the Wild Garden open during the various lockdowns and restrictions, recognising that we all needed a place of peace and tranquillity during these worrying times. Many of you have visited the Garden, but have you considered what it takes to keep the garden open?

Like all organisations we incur significant running costs just to exist – in our case this includes insurance, basic legal compliance costs and, in particular, tree safety work – in all typically between £4,000 and £7,000 a year. This is only possible through the generosity of our members, who commit to an annual subscription of at least £30 a year in the knowledge that their generosity allows us to operate the Garden for all to enjoy.

If you have enjoyed the Wild Garden in the past year can you also consider becoming a member? Just visit our website, click on ‘Support Us’ and select the ‘Membership’ button. This links to a secure payments system managed by NowDonate and PayPal, allowing annual payments from payment cards as well as managing GiftAid for us.

Become a member and help us to keep the garden open for all to enjoy.

Mike Watson

April-May 2021