Did you know that … ?

  • December 2020 was the Wychwoods’ wettest December since local records began in 1995.
  • Milton Parish Council has a new clerk, Lara Jacques.  Previous clerk, Jenny Miller, is beginning a new career in family law.
  • Two men, pushing two wheelbarrows and wielding a shovel each were seen one day before Christmas clearing rubble from the base of the wall around Shipton Court.  Perhaps this heralds the long awaited repair of the wall.
  • 34.8mm of rain fell here on 23rd December, leading to flooding at The Old Prebendal and causing residents to be evacuated and moved to Freeland Nursing Home.  And while that day may be remembered as a very wet one, land across the Gloucestershire border had 55mm, filling the headwaters of our local rivers to bursting point.

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