Our thanks to Julie Hemming

We do not know exactly how long Julie has been involved on the committee of The Wychwood Magazine but we do know it is a long time. Starting with delivering the magazines, then to village representative for Milton, to secretary and now back to village representative and distributor she has always been there with a smile on her face. She fits all this round her full-time work at Wychwood School and the many other committees she sits on.

She is one of those people who will tackle any task that needs doing. It never seems to matter how busy she is, her reply is always ‘I can do that!’ and she does. Although she has handed over the secretary’s job to Diane Shingleton, Julie will still be there to help and support us all.

We cannot thank her enough for all that she has done and are delighted to know that she will still be part of our team, ensuring that the magazine gets to our subscribers on time.

We will miss your infectious laugh and doubt that you will be sitting still doing nothing. We know where you are when we need a little help!

April-May 2021