What’s holding you back?

As 2021 unfolds and we move forward into hopefully brighter times, what gift will you give yourself this year? What old ways, and thoughts and behaviours will you put behind you so you can live in a new and more powerful way?

As a child, I was told by my respiratory consultant, “Asthmatics don’t run marathons”. I carried that heavy belief around with me for 20 plus years and even when I did start running, it took me another 5 years to still believe I could do it After all he was a doctor, so he must know what he was talking about. Fingers crossed for marathon no 6 next year!

Beliefs can either help you or hinder you. Limiting beliefs such as the one I held onto, are beliefs we have learnt from some ‘authority’ such as parents, friends, teachers, work, media, doctors etc and we believe them to be true. They become part of our identity and hold us back in some way perhaps by keeping us stuck, or from making different choices or from seeing our own gifts.

Here are some other common limiting beliefs:

I am too fat to go to the gym
There is something wrong with me and I need to be fixed.
I will never get another job.
I can’t handle this.
I am not good enough.
I am too old to go back to university.
If I do all this stuff for people, they will like me.

So, the next time you tell yourself a little story and find yourself about to make a choice based on a past experience, pause, stop and reflect and gently ask yourself:

“How true is this today?”
“Where did that belief come from?”
“What would my life be like if I let that go?”

Have a think about examining the contents of your limiting beliefs suitcase. Are you ready to unpack it and see how much lighter you feel?

What’s ONE limiting belief you can let go of as 2021 kicks in?

Noelle Morgan
Certified Life Coach
BSc (Hons), MCIPD, CPC, ELI- MP.
Shipton under Wychwood

April-May 2021