Introducing our new secretary: Diane Shingleton

Born at the John Radcliffe in Oxford, I grew up in Oxfordshire until my late teens when I moved to Brighton. That was a complete change from the countryside, and I immersed myself in study and work in Brighton for ten years until I moved to London. During my time in Brighton I had started travelling to Asia and the Middle East. Travelling and having spent many years in Europe as a child the travel bug has never left me.
Looking back, the move to London was really the starting point for my career and further travels. At the middle point of my career, I downed tools for a while and headed around south east Asia until returning to London to pick up and advance my career. One of the many highlights of my travels was when I visited an island off the south coast of Vietnam. A mink whale stationed itself off the island for a few days. Waking up to watch the whale each day was memorable to say the least.
After 15 years of city life my partner and I (who I met in London) continued to work there for a while together whilst making time for travel until we decided to take the leap and venture back to the countryside for a slower pace of life.
From Oxfordshire and back to Oxfordshire, I returned to my roots and picked up country life again but with a new start and the beginning of our family. My son was born in Chipping Norton just a few years ago. It’s so much fun watching him toddle around on local walks (weather permitting) and keeping ourselves busy surrounded by beautiful nature and all the Cotswolds region has to offer, from the glint of sun on the honey-coloured cottage stone, to the gently rolling hills that surround the market towns.
I adore living in the countryside. We are firmly settled here now and I enjoy seeing my son changing (rapidly) and working from home on my business – ‘My Cotswold PA’ which is what led me to becoming secretary for the magazine.
My son and I often frequent Shipton under Wychwood playground, amongst other playgrounds in the area, which means I get to meet lots of locals, particularly mums and their children who are also doing the playground circuits! I am looking forward to meeting more people whilst out and about.

April-May 2021