Top 10 take-aways from Burford School in 2020

  1. The show must go on and the significant events in our students’ lives continued thanks to the wonders of technology – Lower School Prizegiving, the Summer Gala, Charter Day and Christmas celebrations all enjoyed – differently, but well.
  2. The students’ online skills improved as lessons moved online. Sometimes a little more challenged, our staff soon got the hang of things too!
  3. We appeared on the telly, well, on screen and teaching on Teams is now as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  4. Fantastic exam results saw our Year 13 students off to the universities of their choice and a high proportion of our Year 11 students returning for the Sixth Form in September.
  5. Video has been our friend and our Virtual Open Days were very popular with parents.  Once again we are heavily oversubscribed for next September.
  6. We kept up our efforts to do our bit for the planet – planting trees and hedges, improving our recycling and reducing our use of plastic.
  7. We continued our annual fundraising and were proud to raise around £3,500 for Book Aid, the Royal British Legion and Save the Children.
  8. Our students showed tolerance, maturity, adaptability and cooperation, even when times were challenging and situations frustrating.
  9. We learnt the value of education – the value of each other – to appreciate the world around us and the opportunities we are fortunate to enjoy.
  10. Things can only get better and we are looking forward with excitement to the launch of our 450th celebrations in September 2021 to include a whole school Broadway Musical, Miscellany at the Sheldonian Theatre, a fabulous Summer Ball and a reunion for our Alumni. 

                                             Exciting times to come. Watch this space!

April-May 2021