A Shipton memory

Back in the 1950s, occasionally Mr Covenay (a chimney sweep who lived in a small cottage at the top of Little Lane) would set up his slide projector, probably on a Thursday evening in the church, and with a screen positioned by the pulpit he would start the slide show at 7.30pm. There would be about 20 or 30 adults and children.  The slides were slotted into the projector, side by side in pairs, and the slides were moved across the light, one at a time.  Mr Covenay gave a commentary on each slide, most of which were of different countries showing rivers, cathedrals and the like.

His wife, Mrs Covenay, would sometimes have two or three girls in her parlour and teach us how to crochet.  It was very painstaking and was not a skill I ever accomplished.  We were taught to make frilly trims for table cloths and beautifully edged baby clothes.

Phyllis Clarke

April-May 2021