The Wychwood Magazine 2020 quiz

  1. Who was the turkey pluckers’ shop steward?
  2. Who does the new plaque on Ascott village green commemorate?
  3. Angela Profitt had a book published telling the story of which local industry?
  4. How many years ago was the Wychwood Tennis Club formed?
  5. What ‘rival’ to the Wychwood Magazine did our new Deputy Editor help to set up?
  6. What came tumbling down in Shipton?
  7. When was Alfred Groves originally formed?
  8. How long will it be before Comet Neowise will be seen again?
  9. Which sports club re-opened this year?
  10. When were the Wychwood Players formed and how many productions have they staged?
  11. In Rob Taylor’s opinion what was the worst lesson at Burford School?
  12. How much did a gallon of petrol cost when Station Road Garage started business in 1966?
  13. What is the name of the woodland near the Wild Garden in Shipton?
  14. Which peak was our local mountaineer climbing in 1989?
  15. How many Shipton Youth Cricketers played representative cricket for Oxfordshire during the 2019 season?
  16. How many Penguins were there in the Shipton WI pantomimes?
  17. Which local resident celebrated his 100th birthday this year?
  18. What unusual crop was harvested in Shipton this spring? 
  19. Who was accosted in the street by our editor?
  20. Which two weather records were broken in the Wychwoods in May this year?
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1. Vi Miles
2. The Ascott Martyrs
3. Witney Blanket Making
4. 70 years
5. The Wychwood Post
6. The outer wall around Shipton Court
7. 1660
8. 6,800 years
9. Ascott Cricket Club
10. 1997, 50+ productions to date
11. Cross Country
12. 5/- or 25p per gallon
13. Digger’s Wood
14. Hagshu Zanskar
15. 10
16. 6
17. Desmond Lee
18. 14lbs of olives
19. Tony Lewis
20. The sunniest and driest month