Shipton church: the latest

Over £66,000 has been spent so far addressing the problem of repairing the church roof. This money covers ongoing extensive scaffolding, fees for architects, structural engineers, timber specialists, quantity surveyors, plus legally required bat and asbestos surveys. 

Five appropriate contractors have been sent documents inviting them to tender for repairs to the nave roof.  The church’s architect has offered views on these tenders and the PCC has met to discuss their relative merits. After due consideration it has been decided to appoint Lang Construction Ltd whose bid was considered the most appropriate. The contractor has estimated that the work will take 14 to 16 weeks to complete from the start date. The estimated cost of this part of the repairs is around £97,000

Sadly, the south aisle roof also has problems necessitating repairs and these will be done at a later date. After both roofs have been repaired we will be able to carry out long overdue restoration work. This will involve a complete new heating system with modern boilers to replace the dilapidated gas heaters.  New flooring is needed to replace the present jumble of tiles, wood and linoleum. An extra toilet will be added and there will be a new custom- built servery for the west end. Screened storage is envisaged at the west end opposite the servery. These proposed alterations are depicted on a plan inside the church in the main aisle.

It is worth restating that the cost of all these repairs and any restoration are paid for by monies solely provided by parishioners and the broader community. Contrary to popular belief, neither the Diocese nor the central Church of England pay towards any of these costs. Hence, funds need to be raised to pay for repairs and restoration at Shipton church. 

Before the onset of the Covid virus, several successful fund-raising events were organised by the church and many more had been planned throughout 2020 which unfortunately could not take place. We have been fortunate enough to be offered for free the services of a very experienced fund raiser who lives fairly locally. However, whilst she may obtain some grants, these are now more difficult to obtain from relevant charities in these constrained times. Hence, we are looking for financial support in the form of donations from the local community.

Two new fund raising methods are proposed, a monthly raffle at £24 per head per annum and a silent auction. Please contact Geoffrey, the vicar or James Walmsley if you are able to donate  to the church in any way.

James Walmsley
Church Warden

April-May 2021