Wychwood students blossom at Burford

It has been an action packed and thoroughly enjoyable first term for our new Year 7 students here at Burford School. Students have been throwing themselves into all that has been offered.  From their first day with us, when they met our infamous Shetland pony, Mr Fuddles, they have been a credit to all.

At the beginning of the school year the Year 7 students had two days to negotiate their new school surroundings without any other students present. They took part in inter-form quizzes, became acquainted with their new form friends and met a number of teachers who will be helping guide them academically through their first year and beyond. Nerves were settled early and routines adopted quickly, which helped the students’ transition into the school extremely well. “We can see we will meet friends for life here at Burford,” said Grace Barrington Cramp.

Subjects such as Geography, History, ICT and PE have been embraced with enthusiasm, together with a willingness to absorb new knowledge and understanding.  “Lessons in Burford School are really interesting and a lot more challenging but the fantastic teachers still find a way to make them fun,” William Ayres noted. After-school cricket, rounders and the library have been explored by many during the first term and a large number have experienced our Virtual Reality Club.

Throughout the first few weeks, some of the students became official representatives of their year group, known as members of the School Parliament.  They set up their school email addresses to enable independent learning and this has given them a sense of responsibility.  In addition, they have gained some knowledge of the specialist subjects that a secondary school education brings.  “I have loved Burford so far. There are so many different lessons and activities that I can do.  The teachers are nice and this is the best school I have been to!” beamed Ethan Carter.

It has been such a great start to the school year and there are many more things that students in Year 7 will get to experience as the year moves on. We are impressed and delighted with the way they have all adapted to secondary school life and taken everything in their stride.  We look forward to seeing them blossom during their time with us.

Mr C Cowley, Head of Year 7

April-May 2021