Fifield news

During the Fifield Parish Meeting in late August, Catherine Hitchens and Vicky Orr Ewing stepped down from the position of Chair and Vice Chair to be replaced by Sally Austin and Liz Morris. We wish to thank both Catherine and Vicky for all their work over so many years.

Since the COVID crisis, there have been very few events in Fifield, so we thought we would share just a little more with you about ourselves. 

Sally has lived in Fifield for six years, having previously been based overseas for many years.  She works for CARE International as the Head of Humanitarian Operations and is responsible for coordinating and supporting CARE’s global emergency programming.  She has also worked for them in several trouble spots including Afghanistan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Iraq and Haiti. Helping 69 countries to adapt to COVID 19 has been another challenge she has faced.

Liz, like Sally, is a member of the Fifield Emergency Planning Group.  She has long links with the village. She is a glaciologist and has undertaken fieldwork in snowy regions all over the world, including Antarctica – she led a team of 42 scientists at the British Antarctic Survey for 13 years – and the Arctic. She is now an Emeritus Associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge and continues her research working from home.

Sally Austin     Liz Morris

April-May 2021